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Vitakraft Menú Vital is the perfect base for a complete and healthy diet of adult dwarf rabbits. It is prepared with a recipe without sugar, with tasty seeds, delicious cereals and vegetables.• With Vital complex: vitamins and minerals

The perfect diet

Rabbits originate from the “green lands” of southern Europe. Here, these herbivorous animals enjoyed a rich diet of seeds, different grasses, herbs, fruits and berries.

To ensure that your rabbits are content and remain fit and healthy, they need food that has been designed to meet their specific dietary requirements.

The Vitakraft approach to nutrition ensures that our products are optimally tailored to meet the physiological dietary requirements of rabbits: they contain precisely the right amounts of nutrients and other beneficial ingredients to ensure that your pets have a long and healthy life. In the case of rabbits, our products provide a high fibre content, minerals, fruit, green fodder and vitamins. And, of course, they also taste great! The wide range of different Vitakraft products also ensures that you can provide your pets with an interesting and varied diet.

Food types:

Main food:
A main food such as Menu Vital covers your rabbit’s basic nutritional requirements

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