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Our classic for optimal basic care: Menu Vital is the perfect basis for a species-appropriate, healthy diet of guinea pigs. The feed with tasty seeds, delicious cereals, delicious vegetables and an extra portion of vitamin C is specially tailored to the needs of the animals and contains a vital complex that provides the animals with an extra boost of vitality. A healthy proportion of raw fiber also promotes a longer chewing time and helps your guinea pigs with the necessary abrasion of the rodent teeth. With vital complex: Vital vitamins and minerals prevent deficiency symptoms and provide an extra boost of vitality. With anti-odor complex: A special combination of active ingredients significantly reduces unpleasant odors in the guinea pig home. For all guinea pigs. Mixture with exquisite seeds, pellets and extrudates Contains vitamins, minerals and raw fiber. With an extra portion of vitamin C. Without artificial flavors. Without artificial preservatives. In the resealable aroma fresh bag

The perfect diet

Guinea pigs originate from the grassy uplands of South America, but they have been kept as pets for thousands of years.

Two key factors are important for ensuring guinea pigs receive a good diet: they need food with a high fibre content and sufficient levels of vitamin C. This is because, unlike other animals, they are not able to synthesise this vitamin within their own bodies.

To ensure that your guinea pigs are content and remain fit and healthy, they need food that has been designed to meet their specific dietary needs.

The Vitakraft approach to nutrition ensures that our products are optimally tailored to meet the physiological dietary requirements of guinea pigs: they contain precisely the right amounts of nutrients and other beneficial ingredients to ensure that your pets have a long and healthy life. In the case of guinea pigs, our products provide a high fibre content, vitamins, green fodder and minerals. And, of course, they also taste great! The wide range of different Vitakraft products also ensures that you can provide your pets with an interesting and varied diet.

Main food diet:
A main food such as Menu Vital covers your guinea pig’s basic nutritional requirements

Content in g 1,000 g
Content in kg 1 kg
Type Rodent food
Type of feed Complete feed
Suitable for Guinea pig
composition Cereals 46%, vegetable by-products (alfalfa 9.7%), vegetables 4.1% (peas, dried 3%), minerals, oils and fats, seeds 0.1%, yucca shidigera extract
analytical components Crude fiber 10.5%
Additives (per kg) Vitamin A (E672) 9635ie, Vitamin D3 (E671) 1031ie, Vitamin C 205mg, Selenium (E8) 0.10mg, Iron (E1) 92.44mg, Iodine (E2) 0.05mg, Copper (E4) 4.75mg, Manganese (E5) 12.24mg, zinc (E6) 17.04mg
Feeding advice Approx. 30-35g (3 tablespoons) + hay per animal per day


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