BAYTICOL E.C. 6% (10 ML)


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Product Description
Features – Bayticol E.C. 6% is an emulsion concentrate containing 5.9% w/w of flumethrin as active ingredients.  – Bayticol E.C. 6% is indicated to control and elimination of ectoparasites such as ticks, fleas, mange and ear mites and lice  – For control of ticks, fleas, biting and sucking lice, Psoroptic, Chorioptic and Sarcoptic mites. – Use for dogs, horse, cow, buffalo, goat and sheep  – Also suitable for puppies, both pregnant and lactating dogs and horses  – NOT SUITABLE for cats Usage 1. SHOWER ON ANIMAL: Bathe the dog with regular shampoo and rinse first with clean water. Second rinse with a mixture Bayticol then stroked / scrub with a sponge (sponge) as a whole over the dogs body (rub the opposite direction of the fur) around 10 ~ 15 minutes.DO NOT LET THE DOGS licking body or product. Allow the dog to dry without rinse.(Make sure the dog dry completely ) Use a blower or hair dryer.Do not let the dog under the hot sun. * Repeat every 2 weeks, or if there are signs of infestation appear in dogs. 2. SPRAY AROUND THE HOUSE Mix 1ml Bayticol with 1.5 liters of clean water. Spray the area around the house (1 liter per square meter), the walls and the corners of the room. During the spraying process, KEEP PET AWAY from sprayed area until those area completely dried.

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